Baja SAE Rochester 2016
National Scoring:
Lap Counts corrected!
Sun 01:09 PM EDT (GMT-5)
All lap counts that were affected by the problem at Start/Finish should now be showing correctly. If your lap counts are still not correct, please file a problem report before endurance ends. (Detailed Lap Passing data for the problem time period will not be shown in the passings area of MyResults, but lap counts and times should be accurate.)
National Scoring:
Endurance Lap Counts
Sun 12:50 PM EDT (GMT-5)
We have discovered a problem with the primary lap counting loop that caused the reported lap counts at Start/Finish to show fewer than actually recorded. Laps ARE being counted accurately at Start/Finish by the backup system (and also by manual lap counters). We are working to correct this problem and will keep you posted.
National Scoring:
Cost Event Scores are Posted!
Sat 02:15 PM EDT (GMT-5)
The Prototype Cost Scores have been posted on - please review your scores and submit a problem report before 6pm ET if you have a concern.
National Scoring:
Cost Report Scores Posted!
Sat 12:26 PM EDT (GMT-5)
Cost Report scores are now available on - please review and submit a problem report if you have any concerns.
National Scoring:
Design Scores Posted!
Sat 10:18 AM EDT (GMT-5)
Design scores have been posted to - please review and submit a problem report if you find any concerns.
National Scoring:
Welcome Teams!
Sat 12:58 AM EDT (GMT-5)
Welcome to Baja SAE Mobile! Check back here for updates throughout the race.