Baja SAE Illinois 2017
National Scoring:
Cost Event Scores are Posted!
Fri 02:51 PM EDT (GMT-5)
National Scoring:
Design Scores Posted
Fri 01:51 PM EDT (GMT-5)
Design Scores are now available on this site!
National Scoring:
Cost Audits - Pickup
Fri 09:52 AM EDT (GMT-5)
Teams that were cost audited yesterday can now pick up their reports in the cost area. Thanks!
National Scoring:
Sales Scores Posted
Thu 04:22 PM EDT (GMT-5)
Results from the Sales Presentation Event are now available.
National Scoring:
Welcome Teams!
Wed 04:09 AM EDT (GMT-5)
Welcome to Baja SAE Mobile! Check back here for updates throughout the race.